Subject:How should the duvet washing?

How should the duvet washing?

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     Once your eider down pillow with besmirch must to be cleaned, you as long as the processing capacity in 8 kilograms more single slot in the automatic washing machine, into a few neutral detergent to clean. Never use bleach or strong washing powder, for it will destroy the cloth with soft nap of table cloth function. Due to the nature of down waterfowl, waterproof, so to finish by the automatic washing after dehydration can rapid water discharge. And after you need to will be hung to dry the shade about half a day, then put in the dryer to 40 degrees centigrade in the low temperature operation of about an hour, determine its already completely fleeciness dry hind, can continue to use. Eider down will swell rapidly heat, causing heated not all. So suggest every twenty minutes, will take over face and adjust eider down position, and then continue to dry. Dry cleaning can be used petroleum, fluorine element, tetrachloroethylene, dry cleaning solvent such as monomer (VCM) three of the cleaning.

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