Subject:hotel cloth grass washing the matters needing attention

hotel cloth grass washing the matters needing attention

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    The hotel the textile washing quality and washing technique very poor, not only affects the quality of the service of the hotel, and greatly affect the service life of textiles. The data shows, in scientific ways than to not washing properly washing of the life of the textiles can be more than twice as long, the author, based on the summary of experience more, think to pay attention to the following:

All of the restaurant use laundry facility type, performance each are not identical, so must formulate the corresponding cleaning process and washing procedure. Make the main technical parameters of the cleaning process for: washing time, temperature, speed, procedures, scour the reasonable dosage and loading capacity, etc. And washing procedure again and water quality, be washed the status of the things, washing chemicals, washing equipment and the choice of water level related.

Second, washing items have different textile raw materials, such as: cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester, etc, also should be according to the different quality make different washing process. Such as: cotton and polyester-cotton washing of different temperature, polyester/cotton Lord < 70 ℃ temperature wash etc.

Three, washing the quantity of the product depends on the laundry equipment capacity and contain a certain proportion of chemicals in washing water, excess or deficiency in the amount of washing items will influence the cleaning effect and the fastness items.

Four, pay attention to quality selection suitable detergent, and in the light of different washing object and washing environment the dosage of the reasonable configuration, if does not differentiate between washing object, disorderly use detergent, affect not only cleaning effect, serious when still can damage textiles.

Five, washing before should first by use to be washed matter use classification, such as: tablecloth, sheets, towels, bedding bag, the pillowcase, etc, and then press the similar supplies color classification, different colors of a piece of treatment may cause pollution each other, different colors of similar goods processing method is not identical also, especially bleaching and non-ferrous cannot be mixed with the processing. Also according to the dirt degree classification are generally divided into heavy, scale, scale of light scale three categories. Bath towel, tower, towel and the thickness of the face towel and softness, pollution levels by different, if mixed with the washing, easy to cause more friction, therefore, the four towel can be divided into three kinds of washing, bath towel, a tower, a towel and face towel category.

Six, into the chemicals washing water should fully stir well, prevent washing goods local damage.

Seven, high-speed rejection should be paid attention to when observation perspective lens, such as the discovery of a winding phenomenon, should be timely downtime, re-conditioning any left after dry, such as the use of dewatering machine is provided to jilt dry plus clean cooker, that will also effectively reduce the damage.

Eight, washing over, discharge take items should be paid attention to when don't use to drag, because in moisture state, the fabric is a dry low, with great drag easy to pull out.

Nine, and the use of appropriate drying process, to a different textile use different drying temperature, dry time and cooling time, prevent result in textile shrinkage, to become yellow, sent fragile, stiff.

Ten, regular check washing equipment wall for burr, found that burr phenomenon should keep clear of in time.



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