Subject:The maintenance of the duvet guide

The maintenance of the duvet guide

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    Feather characteristics: feather leavening, gently, has the very good hygroscopic, can guarantee human when using dry, breathable, this also is the key factor of the duvet and comfortable. Therefore, feather can become internationally recognized best quilt fill material, at present most five-star hotels requirements must use eider down and feather pillow (this is also the necessary hardware rating).

☆ smell cause analysis and solution: recent heavy rains caused heavy rain flooded, air humidity is very big, feather of strong hygroscopic makes duvet take up a lot of wet moist air, which makes the quilt will have some flavor. This time shall be promptly will quilt drying in dry or under the condition of ventilated dry quilts, and if conditions allow, also can be in the noon sun the 2-3 hours, midway must make a 1 hour. In accordance with the above method taste will naturally removed.

Maintenance methods:
(1) is because if the weather is wet reasons, the hotel can use the dryer drying (note temperature), remove the eider down with the moisture in;
(2) can choose sunny weather, in ventilated air basks in the shade (direct sunlight exposure of words, must make in time to prevent artificial fabric bask in yellow), sun, can effectively sterilizing quilt, keep the fresh air in. Bask in by time with 10 o 'clock in the morning to the afternoon 3 points for the best, even a 2-3 hours, and the middle one hour make a, make be core are to bask in it.
(3) hotel rooms need to keep dry, suggest to clean the room every day, the tea clean;
(4) the duvet partial cleaning processing methods: partial cleaning local cleaning, clean with clear water, wash as far as possible, the clean water, and special stubborn stain should be in matching weakly alkaline detergents for good.
(5) collection to dry and ventilated. Collect two to three hours before air is basked in, stay cold after appearing in non-woven bag, be associated with buy preservative, desiccant. Once again before using, should from the bag out in natural environment after air blow 5-6 hours.



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